Completed projects

Completed projects

REM de l'Est project


As part of its agreement with the Government of Quebec, CDPQ Infra was mandated on May 6, 2019, to propose a structuring public transit solution to meet the clear mobility needs in the East and Northeast of the Island of Montreal, while allowing for the development of major economic hubs. This is how the proposal for the REM de l’Est project was launched on December 15, 2020.

During the planning phase of the project, CDPQ Infra released an architectural proposal in collaboration with renowned Quebec and international firms and conducted detailed technical studies following the analysis of several scenarios. It also submitted a governance proposal on urban development. This proposal and all of its documentation are still available for consultation. 

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Project Status

With the announcement made on May 2, 2022 by the Government of Quebec, establishing a new project team to respond to different transportation needs identified by the City of Montreal, the mandate given to CDPQ Infra ends.

Laval project


The analyses for a structuring transportation system from the Greater Montréal Area to downtown Laval and the North Shore, along the highways 440 and 640, are completed. 

The methodology used to draw up the recommendations was based on three main stages:   

  1. A comprehensive analysis of corridor and mode options for user transit between the origin and destination points set by the government; 
  2. A multi-criteria assessment of identified scenarios;
  3. An analysis of routes in terms of technical feasibility, potential for improving mobility, economic viability and social and environmental acceptability. 

Project status

CDPQ Infra has completed the studies and analyses provided for in the mandate. As stipulated in the framework agreement, the data was forwarded to the Quebec Government for appropriate action.