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Structuring transportation solutions for Québec City and mobility for the Communauté métropolitaine de Québec: CDPQ Infra accepts the mandate proposed by the Government of Québec

CDPQ Infra Montréal,

As set out in the framework agreement for major public infrastructure projects, today CDPQ Infra accepted a mandate from the Government of Québec to study current and projected mobility for all modes of transportation combined for the entire Communauté métropolitaine de Québec (CMQ).  

Following an extensive study, CDPQ Infra will recommend the solution or solutions for a structuring transportation project for Québec City and improve mobility and ease of travel in the overall CMQ. The analysis will begin as soon as CDPQ Infra receives the studies that have been conducted so far.  

“To execute this mandate, CDPQ Infra will leverage the experience and expertise in analyzing and planning major transportation projects that its teams have acquired in Québec and around the world, along with the essential collaboration of the ministère du Transport et de la Mobilité durable and Ville de Québec.” 

- Jean-Marc Arbaud, President and Chief Executive Officer, CDPQ Infra

Through its commitment to proposing transportation solutions that meet the needs of communities and that appeal to citizens, CDPQ Infra will use a rigorous methodology that includes: 

  1. A mobility analysis that will consider existing studies. This step involves conducting an exhaustive diagnostic of the area in terms of transportation coverage to identify corridor options and modes of travel adapted to current and future user needs. 
  2. A multi-criteria assessment to take into account the travel generating centres, design objectives and development policies of the cities involved.  

These analyses will be refined with information that will be collected from numerous parties involved in this project.  

Any subsequent mandate that may arise from CDPQ Infra’s recommendations, including building, managing or financing the projects, will be subject to the process and decision-making criteria set out in the framework agreement between CDPQ and the Government of Québec.

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