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REM de l’Est: Publication of a Notice to the Market

CDPQ Infra, REM de l’Est Montréal,

CDPQ Infra published today a notice to the market for its REM de l’Est project, which is currently at the consultation and detailed planning stage. Reflecting the best procurement practices for major infrastructure projects, the notice will allow the market to prepare adequately for the various phases of the procurement process, which should be completed within two years with the determination of the privileged process and the attribution of the project lots.


The REM de l’Est project, announced in December 2020, is still at the detailed planning stage: several major steps remain to be completed, particularly the entire information and consultation process with the Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement (BAPE). REM de l’Est is an integrated, fully automated electric light metro public transit project, with 32 km of track and 23 new stations planned, which aimed at creating new, fast, efficient connections between downtown Montréal and residents of neighbourhoods in the east and north-east of the city. 


Publication of a notice to the market at this stage is part of an efficient procurement process designed to gain the market’s attention and, ultimately, to secure the best value for money for the project realization. Over the coming months, CDPQ Infra will continue optimizing the project and consulting the population and its stakeholders to ensure exceptional architectural integration inspired by the best models worldwide.


What is a Notice to the Market?

The notice to the market is addressed to any party interested in carrying out the project and can be consulted here. Since detailed planning of the project is still under way, the information contained in the notice is intended as a guide. The purpose of the information is to enable interested parties to gain a general idea of the REM de l'Est project, which will continue to evolve as modifications and improvements under development are integrated.


A  four-lot tender process

The project procurement process will lead to the signature of major contracts, which could include:

  1. A contract for the services of an upstream operator, followed by an operation and maintenance contract for the project’s infrastructures and assets;
  2. A supply contract for the rolling stock and related systems;
  3. A design and construction contract for a tunnel;  
  4. A design and construction contract for civil engineering and elevated work.

The governance and requirements of the procurement process will comply with industry best practices and with CDPQ Infra’s procurement policies in order to guarantee fair, transparent and impartial dealings with all interested parties.


About CDPQ Infra

CDPQ Infra is a subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, responsible for the planning, financing, construction and operation of infrastructure projects in Québec and abroad. CDPQ Infra is one of the few organizations in the world with the financial capacity and technical expertise required to carry out public transit infrastructure megaprojects. Both in Québec and internationally, the full strength of CDPQ Infra’s expertise is applied to creating new connections and building projects that are well thought out and sustainable. These social projects are planned and executed for the benefit of communities.


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