Requests for Qualification: publication of addendums and upcoming information session

Friday, July 15, 2016 – CDPQ Infra published two addendums:

-     an addendum to the Request for Qualification for “Engineering, Procurement and Construction for the infrastructures”;
-     an addendum to the Request for Qualification for “Rolling Stock, Systems and Operation and Maintenance services”.

The addendums are available on the SEAO and MERX websites.

CDPQ Infra confirms that a second information session open to the Industry will be held, only by webcast on Tuesday, July 19th. This session is aiming at providing a status on the REM project and the opportunity for potential suppliers to raise questions related to the two requests for qualification currently under way (MRSEM and IAC). Companies interested in taking part in the information session are invited to send a participation request to [email protected]. Registrations will be closed on Monday, July 18, at noon (Montreal time).